Living in Your Destiny is a non-profit organization and a lot of volunteers are helping us. Our goal is to train the participants so that they are better able to fulfill the calling of God on their live. We offer a great amount of training with a variety of subjects.

The costs are being covered by the registration fees and offerings. We also provide the possibility to become a partner of Living in Your Destiny.

Partner LIYD:
Partners of Living in Your Destiny support the vision and are supporting us financially. It is possible to support us monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly. You are a registered partner if your donation is more than € 100 per year.

Benefits Partnership:
The partners of Living in Your Destiny receive a discount on the training and conferences that are organized by us. During conferences we have reserved places available. The partner discount is only applicable when you register for the entire training or conference.

ANBI status:
Because LIYD has an ANBI status  the partner contribution can be registered as a gift to the IRS.

Partnercode LIYD:
After processing the partners receive a unique registration code that makes is possible to register using Ticketscript. The partner code is an unique code and can be used only once during registration. Do not give this partner code to someone else.

Registration Partnership:
You can register as a partner of LIYD using this form.

Partners LIYD EN

Registration Partnership LIYD.
  • Please enter your first, middle and last name
  • Please enter your address
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  • Please Enter the frequency amount you want to donate. Your account will be charged every period you choose. E.g. when you choose Month and € 15, than we will charge your account every month with € 15.=
  • Please enter the amount you want to donate You are a registered partner when you donate more than € 100 a year.
  • Enter your full IBAN number for European accounts. When you have an international bank account outside Europe please contact us at before you register
  • I agree with the automatic direct debit by Living in Your Destiny. The amount will be charged from my bank account until I end my partnership